Will Marshall is a multi-genre violist, violinist, and bass guitarist currently based in New York, NY where he works in both live and studio environments for local, regional, and international artists. With roots in classical, folk, pop, rock, and hip hop, Will’s highly adaptable and desired playing style is a blend of old and new. Along with performing, Will also works as a producer, composer, creative director, and artist.

Will’s music career began at age six when he started busking in downtown Houston, TX, almost immediately after picking up the violin. He later studied Instrumental Performance at the University of Louisville and Interdisciplinary Music Studies at Berklee College of Music’s online degree program before moving to New York City in 2017. You can find him performing in many different venues across the city, from the stage to the studio, the musical theater pit to Film/TV, and everything in between.

Services Description

Currently, Will Marshall fills a wide variety of roles such as session musician, producer, live performer, composer, arranger, actor, Film/TV composer, wedding musician, sound engineer, street performer, touring musician, and more. In the past year Will either has or currently works with artists such as Pink Martini, Bebel Gilberto, Shakina Nayfack, Marrón, and many others. From the subway to The Rainbow Room, Will performs in many venues with many different artists.