Matt Duncan has worked as a professional musician for over a decade in various capacities, most often as a bass player and a singer/songwriter/producer. He played bass as "Jacek" in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and continued that role during the national tour that followed. Duncan's solo albums are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans on streaming services every month, and he continues to play bass with major touring acts. Duncan got his start playing in punk, jazz, and folk bands in Lexington, Kentucky before moving to NYC in 2014 to join the Hedwig cast. Although he frequently moonlights as a saxophonist and keyboard player, his love for the interplay of rhythm and melody always brings him back to the bass, his true instrumental love.

Services Description

Currently, Matt Duncan plays bass for John Cameron Mitchell's "Origin of Love" national tour, for Lena Hall's "Obsessed" concerts in NYC, his own solo concerts, and a popular heavy metal cover act. His stylistic strengths include old-school R&B, rock and roll, and pop. Duncan is currently working on a new solo album and an original musical, and is the orchestrator/arranger for the upcoming "King of Comedy" musical written by Stephen Trask and Chris D'Arienzo.