Louna Dekker-Vargas is a flute soloist, collaborative artist, and advocate for new and experimental music in her chamber projects--The Witches, and Trio Jinx. She is a flexible sound artist, deploying her flute and voice gracefully and skillfully in a variety of genres. She received classical training at Peabody Institute under renowned flute soloist Marina Piccinini, as well as new music and improvisational specialized training from world class artists Courtney Orlando and Michael Formanek. She is a substitute flutist for the Broadway show Wicked as of August 2017. As a soloist she has been featured on Boom Bap Society- A Baltimore hip hop collective- several times, and served as principal flutist of the Peabody Concert Orchestra. She also plays piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. She grew up in NYC, attended LaGuardia Performing Arts High School and currently freelances in New York and Baltimore.

Her duo The Witches ~ has appeared at the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Walter Art Gallery, Johns Hopkins University, the World Alliance for Better Health conference, and has curated and performed art concerts in venues such as Westbeth, The Windup Space and the Thrive Series.

As co-director of Trio Jinx, Louna has curated concerts that bring together high level artistry and community- most recently a large-scale community benefit concert called Music For Puerto Rico, which featured Trio Jinx and local ensembles performing to support Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts. They have also curated classical dance party performances that combine artful chamber playing with dance-hall like atmosphere.

Services Description

Louna Dekker-Vargas is available to perform in solo (with or without piano) and chamber music settings for a wide range of events, from private weddings and other celebrations to corporate or institutional events that would benefit from musical interludes/commentary between speakers. She has extensive experience with such events. Most recently her duo was hired by the Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World to provide musical improvisations in response to round table discussions on improving health equity around the world. She is adept at weaving music into gatherings, using her improvisational and collaborative skills to provide a live, greek chorus style element to the proceedings.

She is also available and very interested in playing for session recordings, and is comfortable adapting to new styles and genres if needed.

She is available to teach privately in the NYC area and looks forward to sharing her training and love for flute playing with prospective students. She is open to teaching any level, but particularly college level. She is passionate about bridging classical and experimental traditions of flute playing.