Keith A. Dames, Vocalist/Bandleader, began singing at New Amsterdam Musical Association (N.A.M.A.) in the Village of Harlem USA, Summer of 2000. Mr. Dames has performed at various locations and venues around the five boroughs of New York City. He is originally from Miami, Florida and of Bahamian heritage. Mr. Dames joined Local 802, Fall of 2005 and has been active on the Jazz Advisory Committee (J.A.C.) Keith A. Dames considers himself a student of the Billie Holiday School of Music and pays a birthday tribute to her annually every April with Homage To Eleanora A Musical Journey Through The Billie Holiday Songbook. She is the reason that he sings.

Services Description

Keith A. Dames & Quartet AKA Kat's In Black Hats (KIBH) Jazz & Blues Band, Vocalist & Quartet, Rhythm Section Consisting of Acoustic Piano, Bass, Guitar, & Drums.