I'm Janice Friedman and I half jokingly like to say I am "one stop shopping" if you need something in music. I play piano, sing, teach, compose, improvise, read, play keyboards, arrange and I do it happily with a lot of joy. I can do it all solo (with or without vocals) or put together any size group needed duos, trios up to big band. I know a gazillion songs especially older ones.

My strong suits are what they now call American Song Book, Brazilian music, pop music from the 60's and 70's, show tunes and Jazz. Bottom line is I like a lot of different kinds of music so if you want some Classical, hey I can do that too. Folks always ask do you read or play by ear? I do both. I've been the leader on so many jobs. If you'd like me "out of the way", I'm happy to play back ground music. If you want some entertainment, I'm comfortable on a mic and generally put people at ease. I like to make people happy and do what is called for.

How did this all come about? I've played since I was very young and I have my parents to thank for it. Mom's a great piano player and both of them have great taste in music. I've performed in most Jazz festivals around the world and in just about every nice hotel and jazz club here in NYC. I started teaching at the age of 9 and still love teaching out of my home (although I was a professor at Rutgers University for a decade). A lot of vocalists come to me when they want to put their shows together. I have a recording studio in my home so I help them pick their tunes, arrange them, put them in the right keys, organize and contract musicians for rehearsals etc.

That's why I say, I'm one stop shopping. I have so many people to thank for getting me into music. I love music and I love to make people happy. I've had a lot of experience in the music business and I look forward to working with or for you.