Ellie Goodman is an award-winning New York City based violinist from Santa Monica, CA, with 17 years of experience in jazz, hot swing, bluegrass, and an accomplished foundation in Texas contest style fiddling. An alumni of Berklee College of music, Goodman works with a variety of different jazz and folk ensembles at numerous performance venues throughout NYC and the east coast, in addition to working as a multi-genre session violinist and private instructor.
Most recently, Ellie Goodman was featured in the Summer of 2016 as a member of the house band on the first season of NBC's newest show, "Maya and Marty" produced by Lorne Michaels.

Services Description

While primarily a jazz violinist, Ellie is able to take on many kinds of work. This includes but is not limited to session recordings, theater/broadway, jazz ensembles, bluegrass ensembles, and television work. She can sight read both notation and chord charts, and has strong improvisational abilities. She also doubles on five string violin and is able to play viola parts if a double is required for this reason. From jazz bands to hip-hop orchestras, Goodman is something of a chameleon and able to blend into whatever the job calls for.

For recordings and ensembles, please refer to her webpage.