Charlie Judkins is a practitioner of Ragtime, Traditional Jazz and Blues piano, as well as a lifelong Brooklyn native. He began playing piano in 1997 at age six. In 2007, he was introduced to the music of Jelly Roll Morton and immediately began studying traditional ragtime and blues piano. Shortly thereafter he came under the informal tutelage of several highly-regarded pianists including Terry Waldo, Mike Lipskin, Ehud Asherie and the late George Mesterhauze.

His piano playing has been in high demand at various public and private events in the New York City area since debuting as a professional pianist at Greenpoint's now defunct Manhattan Inn in the Summer of 2010. He has also entertained at clubs such as The Dead Rabbit, The Jalopy Tavern and The Astor Room. He also works as a silent film accompanist at various theaters in the New York area, and recently began providing piano scores for silent animation archivist Tom Stathes's series of Blu-Ray releases.

Services Description

Mr. Judkins works largely in the NYC area, although he often travels the country to perform at various Ragtime festivals. His specialty is working as a solo pianist for restaurants, bars and private parties or clubs. He also works with traditional jazz bands and as an accompanist with singers. He has an extensive knowledge of Jazz and Ragtime standards from the turn of the 20th century through the 1940s, can play in any key and switch keys on command, and is comfortable sight reading basic to intermediate level charts. Mr. Judkins can also assemble and provide a trio or small band if desired for a certain event.