Anton is a career musician who performs with a small jazz ensemble as an upright bassist. He plays extensively in the NY area. His professional credits span over decades. Anton has performed in music halls and concert venues. Anton considers NYC his home since he was born in Manhattan and lived in the East Village. Anton's music education began as a rock musician playing rhythm guitar and switching to bass when he was 19 years old. After a career and life on Long Island he focused on upright bass, while studying with many classical and jazz pianist. His love of music was instilled at a very young age when he listened to early rock and blues and participating with major rock groups on the concert circuit. Anton is also a recognized artist, whose work has been displayed in Art Galleries and community art projects around the local areas of Long Island, NY

Services Description

Currently, Anton performs with musicians for club dates and private clients in the NY/NJ area, as well as occasionally soloing with Jazz pianists in the New York area. Recently, Anton played for a charity benefit for the children of Uganda who are destitute and in need of help. Please visit his webpage for more details and for contract information.